BTOP50 Index

* Estimated data as of June-16-2024 23:50 US CST.

About the BTOP50 Index

The BTOP50 Index seeks to replicate the overall composition of the managed futures industry with regard to trading style and overall market exposure. The BTOP50 employs a top-down approach in selecting its constituents. The largest investable trading advisor programs, as measured by assets under management, are selected for inclusion in the BTOP50. In each calendar year the selected trading advisors represent, in aggregate, no less than 50% of the investable assets of the Barclay CTA Universe. To be included in the BTOP50, the following criteria must be met:

  • Program must be open for investment
  • Manager must be willing to provide us daily returns
  • Program must have at least two years of trading activity
  • Program’s advisor must have at least three years of operating history
  • The BTOP50’s portfolio will be equally weighted among the selected programs at the beginning of each calendar year and will be rebalanced annually.